Popular Gold Pendant Sets from Hazoorilal Designer Jewellery Collection

In the many different styles of ornaments that are available for buyers in the collections of designer gold jewellery online, one of the most popular ones are pendants. From the small minimalist pendants to ornate ones, buyers seek out the most beautiful pendants in the collection of Hazoorilal designer jewellery. One can choose contemporary as well as traditional designs of gold pendants from Hazoorilal designer jewellery in India. If you are keen on shopping for some exquisite pendants, here are some popular pendant sets from the collection of Hazoorilal designer jewellery in Delhi:

  1. Enamel, kundan and gold pendant set: Among the most sought after pendant sets from the Hazoorilal designer jewellery collection are the enamel, kundan and gold sets. In beautiful traditional motifs, these pendant sets bring out the natural appeal of the polki diamonds with elan.
  2. Antique styled gold pendant sets: There has been an increasing preference for antique finish gold pendant among buyers of jewellery who want to take their love for traditional to the next level. And Hazoorilal Jewellers meet this trend with their stunning range of pendant sets in antique finish in a variety of motifs.
  3. Zircon gold pendant sets: The brilliant sheen of the zircon gemstone is beautifully brought out in the gold pendant sets in the collection of jewellery at Hazoorilal Jewellers. In enchanting floral motifs, these pendant sets bring out the unrivalled combination of gold and zircon with a graceful flair.
  4. Filigree pendant sets: One of the most intricate detailing techniques in jewellery is filigree and it is highly valued among the designers and buyers of high end jewellery. Hazoorilal Jewellers bring a range of exquisite filigree gold pendant sets which buyers can explore and shop from.
  5. Temple gold pendant sets: When it comes to traditional jewellery, the temple style is perhaps the most significant. Drawing on the ornate temple motifs, the gold temple pendant sets from the Hazoorilal jewellery collection are an ode to the finest jewellery making traditions.

For the most enchanting and attractive ornaments for any occasion, visit the showrooms of Hazoorilal Jewellers in Delhi. One of the leading jewellers in the country, Hazoorilal Jewellers bring ornaments which are a perfect blend of tradition with modernity. Buyers can also shop for Hazoorilal designer jewellery at their exclusive eshop.

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